Montane Camping

Great sunset and wildlife viewing along a creek during our night spent camping in Rocky Mountain National Park, where pine bark beetles have decimated the forests, and beaver are increasingly rare from competition with… elk? Also, I get to learn all about altitude sickness first-hand.

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Riding Along the Ridge

On top of the world! (Over 12000 feet!) We cross the alpine tundra. Above the treeline, life gets weird. Tiny plants take years to blossom and have just the right properties to help pika preserve their food all winter. Elk, marmot and lots of great views.

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Rivers Call Through Canyons

Viewing Black Canyon’s South Rim at dusk and dawn prompts reflection on how vital outdoor experience is for mental health. We have an incredible birding experience involving turkey and a hawk. Also a few passionate words about the toxic mine waste spill into the Animas River and a new Uranium mine right next to the Grand Canyon.

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